Fethiye Quad Bike Safari

Don’t say that safari only happens in Africa. You will go on a journey into the depths of the forest with our innovative Fethiye ATV safari tour. You will jump from the obstacles that will pass through the streams with the ATV you use. You will also have the opportunity to closely examine Fethiye’s wildlife and endemic plant species on this mysterious tour, where every moment is full of excitement. Since our ATV tour track is located in the Kayaköy region, you will have the opportunity to look at history from a different window.

Our ATV safari tour will be a tour where you will be completely immersed in nature, so you may want to take spare clothes with you when you come. We recommend that you wear sandals or slippers instead of shoes if you do not want to get into the water.


We have a free shuttle service from Ölüdeniz and its surroundings. It is recommended that you contact us so that we can plan your pickup time.

What hours can I join the tour?

Our ATV tour starts at 08:00 in the morning and you can join a new tour every 2 hours. The excitement continues uninterrupted thanks to our large and latest model ATV inventory.

If couples want to use the same ATV, we have high-horsepower two-person ATVs.