Fethiye Jeep Safari Adventure

The Fethiye safari tour is one of the tours where you can visit ancient cities and have fun at the same time.

Get ready to get wet!

The Fethiye jeep safari tour is also a water fight activity for adults. You can wet the people in the vehicle and the other vehicle with the water guns given to you while visiting the ancient cities on the Jeep, and you can return to your childhood while cooling in the hot air! During our journey, you can fill your ammo from the fountains flowing from the natural spring waters coming from the Saklıkent canyon.


What Will You See?


+Tlos Ancient City
+Collar Parking
+Saklikent National Park Canyon
+Karachay Mud Bath
+Tlos ancient city

Fethiye has hosted many civilizations in history. The ancient city of Tlos, a settlement of the Lycians, who left the most artifacts, is an active city on the Lycian road at the end of the 2nd millennium BC. The historical ancient city, which is among the UNESCO world heritage sites; consists of areas such as a castle, ancient theater, and bath. We organize a trip to the ancient city of Tlos together with you, our esteemed guests, to witness the history.

Collar Parking

Located 650 meters above sea level, the collar park is also a trout facility. It has cool air due to being so high from the sea. There are very old monumental trees in the facility. Open buffet lunch consisting of trout, chicken, and pasta grew in the ice-cold waters of Saklıkent is offered free of charge to our valued guests. At the same time, you can cool off in the natural cold water pool. Let’s say in advance that no one has ever stayed in this pool for more than 5 minutes, and our guests who stay longer than 5 minutes are waiting for various surprise gifts.

Saklikent National Park Canyon

Walking in this canyon with a length of 18 km will be a very different experience for you. It has been said by specialist doctors that the ice-cold water flowing in it is good for the skin.

Mud bath

The last place to go for the day is the mud bath in Karaçay. Thanks to the minerals in the mud, it provides the renewal of your skin. During the holiday, if you have been burned too much, this mud will be better for your skin than yogurt. Famous cosmetic companies wanted to establish a facility where this mud was, but since it was taken under protection by the ministry in 2006, there is no question of building any facility. You can only experience this natural healing source on-site.