Fethiye Tekne Turu
Fethiye Muhafazakar tekne turu haritası
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Akvaryum Bay
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For an unforgettable tour experience in crystal clear azure waters,

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Where the forest meets the sea

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Sip your coffee peacefully amidst the serene beauty of Turunç Island Bay. Venture beyond the boundaries this holiday.

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"You can check our other tours with advantageous prices to enjoy the summer with Tatildostum Tourism."

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Would you like to experience the top activity in Fethiye during your vacation by taking a boat tour with a private boat to secluded bays where no one else is present? Embark on a blue journey to the lesser-known bays of Fethiye, which boasts the cleanest beaches and sea water where the Mediterranean and Aegean meet. Our lunch, meticulously prepared from 100% organic vegetables, freshly caught fish, and chicken, is served with care for our valued guests.


To join the conservative boat tour in Fethiye, advance reservation is required. Finding a spot for our tour on the same day or 2 days in advance during the season is not possible. Unfortunately, there are not many tour companies offering conservative boat tours in the Fethiye region. We are delighted to tailor your Fethiye vacation to your preferences. To join the conservative boat tour in Fethiye, advance reservation is required, and the number of persons and meal preferences should be communicated to us.


Our tour includes a standard lunch offering. 4 types of appetizers, brewed tea, and a fruit plate made from organic fruits collected from the villages of Fethiye are standard offerings. You will need to select the main course. You must choose from either freshly caught daily fish or chicken. Bringing food and drinks from outside to our boat is prohibited.


Our conservative boat tour in Fethiye starts at 10:00 from Fethiye harbor. Our boat’s capacity is 12 people. More than 12 guests are not accepted on our boat according to maritime safety regulations. The price of the conservative boat tour in Fethiye varies depending on the number of people for the year 2024. You can contact us via the provided contact numbers for price information.


After our boat sets sail, we will visit 5 bays. The duration of stay at the visited bay or the bays to be visited can be determined by our guests. There are nearly 50 bays in Fethiye accessible by boat. Boats departing from Fethiye harbor generally move along specific routes during tours. Therefore, when you go on a normal boat tour, it is likely that there will be hundreds of other people at the bay you visit. The difference of our conservative boat tour from other boat tours is that it is personalized for you or your family, finding bays without anyone among the mentioned bays and ensuring that the activity is personalized by selecting stopping points in these bays.


Some of the bays visited by our conservative boat tour in Fethiye are:


– Boncuklu Bay

– Rüzgarlı Bay

– Tarzan Bay

– Turunç Pınarı Bay

– Aquarium Bay

– Red Island Hidden Bay

– Rabbit Island Perforated Bay

– Tersane Bay

– Hamam Bay

– Red Island Fenerdibi Bay


The return time of our boat to the harbor is planned as 17:00. The return time may vary depending on the guests’ requests and weather conditions.


Recommended items to bring for the conservative boat tour in Fethiye:


– Towel

– Swimsuit / Burkini Swimming outfit

– Slippers

– Underwater goggles

– Sunscreen

– The stress of daily life (to leave in clear waters and relax)


You can contact us for any special requests related to our boat tour.


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